Facilities & Info

Information Center

For information on the services, our staff will available at the information center located at the locket counter.

Mobility Access

Bali Reptile Park is wheelchair and stroller friendly access. We welcome all guests to enjoy our reptile journey with limited mobility.

First Aid

Please ask our staff for assistance if you have any health conditions. Our first aid is located in Cafe area.

Rest Area

Feeling tired and want to rest for a while or just want to relax and enjoy the breeze, you can find rest area nearby Cafe and The Limas area.

Insect Repellent

We suggested you put on some insect repellent to avoid any insect bites.

Sun Protection

Located in a tropical area, protect your skin from the blazing sun in the middle of the day are best to avoid sunburn.

Rainy Day

Prepare for drizzle or downpour in our area by seeking shelter nearby. You may enjoy the rainy atmosphere at the cafe or the rest area. In case you need an umbrella which located on the ticket counter, please ask our staff nearby for availability.

Comfy Shoes

Wearing your comfy shoes to avoid aching and make your leisurely stroll more fun.

Hand Towel or Tissue

Weather changing will affect differently in everyone and you might be sweating while your journey. Hand towel or tissue to the rescue.

Vaping and Smoke – Free Area

Vaping and smoking inside our park are prohibited.

No Pets Allowed

Considering our park is an open space concept with some of the reptiles walking in a certain area, pets or other animals are entry prohibited.

Do Not Litter

Please respect our nature by keeping our environment nice and clean.

Do Not Tease Our Animals

Please respect our animals. Disturbing, trapping and collecting our animals and plants is prohibited.

Q: Does the park provide shuttle or vehicle to pick up the guests?

A: For this moment we are not providing shuttle or vehicle for guests.

Q: Do I need to pay additional cost for animal presentation?

A: No need to because our ticket admission are included reptile tour, zoo guide, animals
presentation and animals encounter.

Q: Can I feed the animals?

A: You can feed the animals by supervision from our zoo guide.

Q: Do I need to pay for animal feeding?

A: Animals feeding are exclude ticket admission. You can ask our staff at the locket for animals
feeding admission.

Q: Can I bring my own stroller or wheelchair into the park?

A: We are welcome to all guests with limited mobility access.

Q: Does the park provide wheelchair rental?

A: For this moment we are not available for wheelchair rental.

Q: Can I bring scooters or bicycles into the park?

A: Scooters or bicycles are not allowed into the park.

Q: Do you have smoking area inside the park?

A: Bali Reptile Park is smoking and vaping free area. You can smoking or vaping outside the area.

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