About us

Indonesia is renowned for its biggest natural resources and biodiversity affluence in the world, habitat for endangered wildlife and endemic animals which are estimated as 17% of species in the world are found in Indonesia. Indonesia is in 4 th ranked in the world that has the most number of endangered species. Nearly one-fifth of reptiles worldwide are now in endangered status and Indonesia is in 3 rd ranked in the world that has 600 species of reptiles.

Bali Reptile Park has known as the first and the only reptile park in Bali. As the most complete reptiles collection in Indonesian. Designed in a wildwood environment and an open space concept, guests will enjoy the serene environment and shady atmosphere. Bali Reptile Park offers visitors from around the world a different experience, get inspired by the beauty of our reptiles and to educate by our zookeeper.

Established since 1996, Bali Reptile Park is not only showing various reptiles in the exhibit but also committed to evolving in reptile conservation, reptile rescue and contribute to spread the awareness and to educate about reptiles. Bali Reptile Park has rejuvenated into an interactive and educational yet pleasant reptile park to visit. Guests can bring these memorable experiences about reptiles and wildlife conservation to their homes.